For RMI members, setting up on the MyAuto platform is a breeze! Simply enter your RMI number during registration, and watch as your business information is auto-filled, streamlining your setup process. While this information is prepopulated for your convenience, you have full flexibility to edit details as needed, ensuring your workshop’s profile perfectly aligns with your current operations.

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Automotive Remanufacturer's Association

MyAuto empowers ARA members by offering unparalleled visibility into vehicle histories and the capability to open and efficiently track job cards. This innovative platform supports ARA’s commitment to promoting responsible reuse of remanufactured engine components, contributing to a greener environment by minimizing the carbon footprint. With MyAuto, ARA members can assure their customers of receiving not only the best advice and service delivery but also the highest standard of workmanship. It’s a tool that enhances the ability of specialists in the repair, servicing, and remanufacturing of critical vehicle components to maintain and rebuild engines to their original specifications, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the vehicles they service.

Motor Industry Workshop Association

MyAuto, crafted in response to the need for a comprehensive service history recording, aligns perfectly with MIWA’s mission to stay at the forefront of automotive technology and best practices. Offering full access to its diverse modules, MyAuto equips MIWA members with advanced tools for efficiently managing service histories, job cards, and customer interactions. This collaboration not only strengthens the bond within the RMI family through inter-associational trading but also propels MIWA workshops towards greater operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Moreover, MyAuto supports excellence in the industry by recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of workshops and technicians with annual awards for Workshop of the Year and Technician of the Year. 

Vehicle Testing Association

MyAuto extends its innovative platform to members of the Vehicle Testing Association (VTA), facilitating seamless access to vehicle histories. Committed to upholding the standards set by the Road Traffic Act and relevant SANS, VTA members play a crucial role in ensuring vehicle compliance and safety. Through MyAuto, VTA members gain an invaluable tool: the platform’s integration with the VTA multi-point inspection form simplifies the process of recording and accessing detailed vehicle inspections, streamlining workflows and enhancing the precision of safety assessments. This collaboration not only empowers VTA members with efficient data management but also supports their mission to improve industry standards and maintain the utmost integrity in vehicle testing services.

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